All done for now... but im sure we will be back :)


Commit yourself to 20, 40 or 60 minutes per day of activity during July 

(we're counting it as 22 working days, but you can join in anytime!)

Active Team!

Walk, Run, Wheel, Dance, Cycle, Swim, Aqua Zumba your way to your target 

Friday Afternoon Egg and Spoon Race Anyone?

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Help Active Fusion!

Add a medal or a t-shirt and receive at the end of the challenge (at least 30% goes straight to the charity)


Active Fusion is a registered charity dedicated to providing opportunities for children and young people to be physically active within education and their communities. 

Their qualified teachers and coaches deliver Physical Education lessons in schools. 

They also train teachers and other school staff to be more confident and competent in the teaching of Physical Education.

Active Fusion run festivals, competitions and sports days to give young people an experience of sport outside of lesson time and run holiday sports camps so that physical activity is accessible outside of school.

Physical activity is an opportunity for young people to gain experience, confidence and improve their leadership skills. 

Alongside this Active Fusion run apprenticeship and sports leaders programmes to give young people the chance to enhance their employability skills.

Find out more about Active fusion

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The event may be done for now... but dont let that stop you doing your own challenges and fundraise for the Active Fusion Charity :) 

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challenges are great for your business and your community!

Your Team

Improve Physical Health

Boost Mental Health

 Inspire Others

Your Workplace

Improved Engagement

Reduced Absence

Greater Productivity

Help Every Child

Change Habits

Improve Wellbeing

Develop Lifeskills


Today's youth are the first ever to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents' generation... Nike, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education led  over 70 companies and organisations produced the "Designed to Move" report, which highlights two main outcomes;

  1. Create early positive experiences for children.
  2. Integrate physical activity into your daily life.

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Help break routines, find the right Active options, top tips for employers & employees along with a few top training tips to help you enjoy the challenge and make some lifelong changes. 

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