We are passionate about saving bumblebees and we believe that the best way to do this is to be guided by the latest bumblebee and pollination science. 

As a result all of the policies and practices that drive our activities are science-led and we are continually working to monitor and evaluate our activities to ensure best practice in everything we do.

  • Our projects: information about the wide variety of projects that our staff and volunteers are busy delivering across the country.
  • Our science/research: information about our scientific activities, including the academic research projects that we are currently involved with.
  • Land management advice: advising land managers on the best ways to support bumblebees on their land is a key element of the work that we do. This page provides useful guidance for differing land types: from pastures, to orchards, to quarries.

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How Bee Kind is Your Garden?

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  • A manual fundraising form for those who prefer an offline version :) 
  • Top tips to help you BEEACTIVE, such as walking advice from our friends at WildWaysUK.com.
  • Information to help you in your quest to support BUMBLEBEE conservation. 

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