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Our events have a target distance to achieve (but you can go further!) and a start and finish date. We start and we finish as a team! 

All our challenges help amazing causes, you can even enter any of our events for free and simply raise money for a great cause ! 

Let's get going!


Complete your virtual event challenge wherever and whenever suits you. You can do all the distance in one go or spread it out between the start and finish date. It can be completed walking around your house, on a treadmill, on the streets, at a running event, hiking up a mountain, walking the dog or anywhere else you can imagine!  

You can also join our team training page where your runs are automatically uploaded (or manually) you then can see and support your fellow runners. 

Be Rewarded


If you choose to enter our event for free then we will send you a thank you note recognising your achievement. However you can also choose to add a specially designed challenge medal or challenge technical t-shirt.

100% of any fundraising you do goes to the event charity partner OUR VIRTUAL EVENTS ARE NOT FOR PROFIT, we cover costs for the event and guarantee a minimum of 30% of the revenue from medal or t-shirt sales go to the charity ... even if that costs us money :) 

Alongside a warm fuzzy feeling for helping a great cause you're also achieving an amazing physical achievement (go you!) 

We don't ask you to submit proof, we value your support and trust you to be a good sportsperson, plus our training page keeps you on target ! 

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We've listed lots of our most popular questions people like to ask us, so please scroll down and have a read. You'll probably find a quicker answer to your question :) 

We aim to get back in touch within 72 hours of every e-mail. 

Have a great day and a great adventure ! 

Popular questions

What is a virtual event?

Our virtual events have a target distance to achieve (but you can go further!) and a start and finish date. It takes place wherever you want and whenever suits you. You can do all the distance in one go or spread it out between the start and finish date. It can be completed walking around your house, on a treadmill, on the streets, at a running event, hiking up a mountain, walking the dog or anywhere else you can imagine!... at the end we send you a well done certificate! (plus a medal and/or t-shirt, if you choose to add one)

How am I supporting the charity?

If you choose a free to enter option then it’s all about the fundraising so set up a just giving page or contact us for a manual sponsorship guide. If you choose to add a medal and/or t-shirt then you’ve already helped as a minimum of 30% of your entry will go straight to the Charity. In addition the more people that sign up the more opportunity we have of sharing the message and educating others on the cause, sometimes a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. If you feel you would like to support further then when you enter the event you can create a just giving page and encourage friends and family to sponsor you on your challenge. 

If I pay for a medal or t-shirt where does my money go?

We guarantee a minimum of 30% of the money goes straight to the charity, so for example a £10  donation might see the following: VAT (20%) / Medal cost (30%) / Packaging & packaging team plus misc costs like website etc (15%), so that would mean 45% goes to charity.

99% of other virtual events are commercially ran so you may see phrases like 'we support''20% of profit' etc... which is good... but not great ;) 

What do I have to do to join in?

Click on the join in link or button on our main page. This will take you to our awesome entry site (we will talk more about this later) Choose our current event, fill out your details and then countdown to the start date!

Do I need to prove i've completed the distance?

We firstly appreciate you joining in the event and by just committing to do so youre already helping, so we think it would be a bit mean not to send you your event certificate an medal/t-shirt if you chose to add one! ... so we leave it to you to complete the distance and we help support your progress and cheer you on the way (more on that next) 

What about support, encouragement, high fives and cheering?

We're experienced event organisers and one of the most positive things about completing a physical challenge is the support, camaraderie and cheering you get from an event. 

So its important we recreate that exact same feeling, here's how:

The Etchrock entry system allows you to log your daily runs, walks, hikes etc. This means you join an online community of people achieving great things. So expect lots of shout outs, training tips and a great team all in it together! 

We have a strong community on our facebook page. This is a great place to share your journey, send us pictures and  we will give you updates from our charity friends and support you with training tips and virtual high fives!  

Have I got to complete the distance all in one go and can I do further?

You don’t need to do it all at once so break it up to suit you and your ability. Of course you can challenge yourself as much by doing the distance in one go or by seeing how far you can go for the duration of the event! If you’re raising sponsorship through just giving (which you can sign up for on the entry screen) then usually the further the better for your supporters! 

Who can enter a virtual event?

The events are generally suitable for everyone, especially with the timescales and breaking it down to manageable chunks. Of course if an individual is under 18 then we ask that they complete the challenge under guidance and as per our terms and conditions it is the individuals or adults responsibility for their own safety and should not be carried out if physical unwell without consulting with a medical professional. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for more info.

How and when do I get my certificate or medal/t-shirt?

When you enter the event you choose to collect from a relevant centre for free (depending on the charity) or have the items posted out to you the costs varies depending on the item and where it’s going. As soon as the challenge event closes (ie: the last day of the challenge) then everything is despatched. We do say allow up to 14 days for delivery from the end date of the event but we aim to get them to you asap. 

What if I dont receive my medal or my t-shirt. Or my t-shirt is the wrong size?

Sadly we cant fully control the postal service, all kit is sent to the address you provide when you sign up. If this changes then you need to notify us asap as we cant be responsible once the t-shirts have been dispatched. Should you not receive your reward then please contact us and we will support as best we can to resolve. Sadly we order a limited number of medals and t-shirts per event and so may not be able to provide a replacement should yours go missing in the post or not fit. We do give a size guide when you enter and if in doubt please ask the question before entering. You may also be asked to cover the cost of any postage.

I'm outside the UK can I still enter?

Of course you can, we are after all an international organiser. We do have to charge an additional postage fee just select the international postage option when you check out.